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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Trump - a Disaster

Those who either know me or who follow my Facebook posts will almost certainly know that I am not a Trump supporter - I could never support a buffoon, a racist, a misogynist and a liar. I am well into the Winter of my years and have traveled to 30 or more countries. During my travels, I have met all kinds of people of many races. Presidents, princesses, prima ballerinas, and prime ministers lie at the one end of the scale, and at the other are down-to-earth people like Headman, the local preacher close to my Eastern Cape farm and who enjoyed a joint of dagga, and Julia, who ran the local shebeen. Since I was a young man I have always had a second sense about people - and in particular whether they were genuine or not, or whether they were trying a con. Now everyone knows or at least should know, that all politicians, whichever country they are from, are liars. That is something that comes with the job. But some are bigger liars than others. And Trump is one of the biggest.

I heard an apt description of today's White House the other day - Senator Corker last week likened it to an Adult Day-care Center. Trump is a joke. I mean, can you imagine any other president visiting a hurricane-devastated island and throwing paper towels into the crowd? What on Earth was the man thinking? He is extremely ignorant (water purification pills - do you really drink the water afterward - durr!), and clearly spends much of his spare time watching television and tweeting when he could be bettering his mind before it goes off the rails altogether. At our expense, he spends every weekend playing golf - what is his handicap, btw? No - not that handicap! At the time of writing and after nine months in office, there is still no Secretary of Homeland Security. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is said to have recently called Trump a f***ing moron. We appear to be at a stage where no-one wants to work for him for fear of losing their reputation when his name appears on their résumé.

Trump and his original team - courtesy CNN
Trump's time in the White Tower has been something of a debacle. None of the original team in the CNN photograph above are now in the picture - although some are being investigated by Mueller.  The main problem seems to be that Trump is completely impulsive. When something comes to his child-like mind he immediately tweets about it - whether or not his thoughts are those of his staff. Only two days ago when holding a photo session with his top generals and their spouses he stated that "This is the calm before the storm". "What storm?" demanded the press. "You'll see." was his non-presidential reply.

Mostly because of Trump, I have become an avid follower of several late-night comedians - Trevor Noah, Stephan Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and John Oliver being my favorites (in no particular order). I enjoy the way that they mock him. If you are one of my followers that have not had the opportunity to do so, I urge you to check out some of the Facebook clips of those television personalities listed above.

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