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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Telkom update

I was very surprised on Friday (3/16) to receive a telephone call from Telkom. Now Telkom never call people unless they are late with their account payment. You will recall from the previous post that I had reported my land line out of order on 2/28 - so that's already over 2 weeks that I have been without a land line. The lady who phoned me (on my cell phone, of course, and reception on that is a little dodgy out here in the countryside, since we're so far from the nearest cell tower) advised me, very politely, that the service would not be restored until the end of April. That means that I and others in the area will have been without their Telkom line for no less than 2 months.

Now 2 days might be an acceptable time for a telephone line to be out of order, but 2 months?. That is completely unacceptable in 2012. The problem is, what can I do about it? Imagine the business that is being lost because of this Telkom failure. We have our house on the market, so this means that no-one will be able to contact us with an offer (unless they just happen to have our cell numbers. I cannot see any way in which Telkom can justify their inability to restore our connection within a couple of days.

This only serves to amplify my feelings regarding the demise of everything sane in this country.