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Thursday, 7 February 2013

What was it?

I cannot stand being sick. I've just come through two days of feeling really down, and I have no idea what it was or why. I was first aware of whatever it was when driving in to Port Alfred on Tuesday. I am normally wide awake behind the wheel, but on Tuesday it felt as if I had been driving for eight hours or more, and I had to keep shaking my head to stay awake. By the time I had concluded my business and arrived back at the farm, I had all the symptoms of Hay Fever. Then yesterday the symptoms were much worse – streaming sinuses, loss of appetite and feeling very tired. In fact I was not even able to cook my usual evening meal, managing a fried egg sandwich, half of which I ended up giving to Katie, my White Shepherd. I brought everything forward by an hour last night, ending in an early turn-in. 

Today I am back to normal. My appetite is back, all the symptoms have departed, and I am bright and perky. I would love to know what it was that attacked my system. Is there such a thing as 48-hour 'flu?  Perhaps someone can tell me.