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Monday, 27 February 2012

Withdrawal of ATM Services

It was brought to my notice last week that one of South Africa's largest banks had blatantly withdrawn an essential community service, as a result of which many thousands of people around the country are having to travel many extra miles in order to withdraw a little cash. I occasionally used to withdraw cash at an FNB automatic telling machine located in the village shop and butchery in Bathurst in the Eastern Cape. The machine was used by many of Bathurst's mostly retired residents, as well as local farmers, farm workers and pensioners. Some minor employee of the said bank, presumably hoping to make a name for himself (or herself) up at Head Office, took it upon themself to order the withdrawal of ATM machines from a large proportion of the country's smaller communities. Pensioners, retirees and farm employees alike now have to find the time and the money to travel 35 kms each way to either Port Alfred or to Grahamstown in order to withdraw a little cash, a huge expense and inconvenience, especially for the district's pensioners.

The only comment I have is - Shame on you, FNB . As if the banks don't make enough money out of us already!